Asset Management

Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers is an independent service provider offering transaction-based asset management of commercial properties and portfolios for institutional investors focusing on office and retail usage. 

We attend to the needs of owners and their properties throughout the investment lifecycle, which starts with the due diligence and continues through the acquisition phase, the holding period and the final exit.

Our team has extensive experience in the fields of leasing, asset management, refurbishment, project development and transaction management.


Asset Management

At Cornerstone, we tailor our asset management services to the individual needs of our clients and their respective properties. Throughout the various phases of a commercial property investment's life cycle (acquisition, holding, and sale) we provide reliable and committed support to investors. Our services are modular and can be selected as separate components. We see ourselves as the connecting link between the owner or portfolio managers on the one hand and the tenants and service providers, such as brokers, architects, property managers and facility managers, on the other. Our top priority - alongside managing the property itself - is to sustainably optimize cash flow and to exploit each properties potential. To do this, we take both rental income and cost aspects into account. The information we provide to clients can be customised to meet their specific reporting needs.

Transactions management

Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers' advisory services start as early as the pre-acquisition phase. We identify potential new acquisitions and use our across-the-board expertise to compile a clear picture for the investor. We handle or coordinate commercial and technical due diligence and produce a detailed business plan as a basis for the purchase decision and its implementation. When the optimisation and investment cycle is nearing its end, we help to identify the ideal timing for a sale and conduct research to find potential investors. Finally, we provide advice during the disposition phase and support you during negotiations all the way, through to completion of the sale contract.


Without tenants, any anticipated gains in value remain purely theoretical. To fully exploit this vital value appreciation factor, we design and implement individual strategies for marketing your properties to potential tenants. With our local market presence and our experienced teams, successful leasing is guaranteed. Working closely with local real estate agents/brokers and also through our own acquisition activities, we are able to maximize each assets potential to attract new tenants. Besides acquiring new tenants, we also take a proactive approach to existing tenants' needs, to ensure optimum cash flow over the long term.

Project supervision and management

Maintenance, refurbishment and adaptation to new circumstances (such as energetic requirements) are key elements in a property's life cycle. We coordinate and supervise any necessary refurbishment work and tenant improvements. Our extensive network of local architects, technical service providers, builders and craftsmen is at hand to ensure that work is completed successfully.

Cornerstone has offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich and is member of ULI and the German Council of Shopping Centers: